About Julian Jencquel

Personal Profile

Born on 25th December 1968 in Kiel, a northern German city on the Baltic Sea, from a German father and French mother with Russian roots, Julian Jencquel grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. He chose to study in Europe and obtained a Bachelor in Science and Business Administration (BSBA) at the American Business School in Paris, with a Marketing Major. During the course of numerous travels, and on account of his family background, he was able to become fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. This versatility allows him to build bridges between people, and to better understand the nature of conflicts, whether in the private sphere or at the workplace.

Career Path

After college and a ten-year experience in Venezuela, Spain, and Great-Britain in companies such as Montblanc and Ralph Lauren, Julian Jencquel was hired by an American company, Libretto Holdings, that markets luxury goods. In 2004 he agreed with his employer to create his own company and become their exclusive distribution partner in Europe. Travelling frequently across the continent, he became aware of the multiple misunderstandings and conflicts that emerge between people of different cultures or mentalities. He was fascinated with the workings of the human psyche, and felt strongly compelled to explore the subject further. Fully autonomous in his work, he took the time to sign up to training seminars in psychopathology, stress management, and neuroscience. Little by little, he allowed more and more room for these activities, eager to be thorough and precise in his approach to this field. One thing led to another and he became a consultant in human development, a broad term that encompasses actual consulting, but also training seminars and individual coaching packages. Julian Jencquel is a certified MBTI and MSCEIT practitioner.

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