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    Emotional Intelligence, Preference Diagnosis, Leadership Style, Career Counselling, Stress Management, and Personal Development
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    Select one of our numerous themes and benefit from quality training in small groups and a pleasant environment.
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    Whether you are an organization or a private person, you will be able to choose from a wide range of consulting services for individuals or groups

What we do

Jencquel Consulting offers training and advice in human development for organizations and individuals. We focus our efforts on areas such as preferences in decision-taking and emotional intelligence.

Who we service

We offer training seminars and consulting services to any organization or person wishing to develop human talents and solve conflict situations between individuals or within a team.

Our methodology

Our method is integrative and places each problem in a wider context. Our experience in psychology and international business allows us to identify stumbling blocks and help our clients overcome difficulties.

Our advantages

Our consulting services can be booked in English, French, German, and Spanish. All assignments adapt to the needs of our clients, wherever they are. Long-distance sessions can also be arranged via telephone or webcam.

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